?Built: 1903 Slate Wagon

Diagram O.49, Lot 413

slate wagon

Owned by the Great Western Trust, this Great Western ‘2 foot’ gauge slate wagon, serves to represent the Great Western’s narrow gauge interests. 

The GW ran several narrow gauge lines such as the Corris, the Welshpool and Llanfair and the Vale of Rheidol, and GWR owned wagons of this type also featured on narrow gauge feeders to GWR standard gauge lines. 

The wagon concerned has not been finally identified but is thought to be from lot 413, Diagram O.49, ordered January 1903 and numbered 51-100.

It was purchased from a private collection in Devon, and arrived at Didcot in May 2008. 

It is now on display giving the opportunity to compare GWR vehicles of 7’ 0 1/4”, 4’8 1/2” and 1’11” gauges.

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