82917Built: 1911 Pooley Workshop Van

Diagram (V12), Lot 652

82917 - 25-Oct-2008

This vehicle was originally built as standard covered van to Diagram V.12 on Lot 652 in 1911. In 1934 it was rebuilt as a Workshop Van on Lot 1148 (No new diagram was issued). It is one of four such vehicles built, which were used as mobile workshops by Henry Pooley & Co. to service and calibrate their many weighing machines and scales throughout the Great Western system.

This vehicle was owned by the late David Rawlinson, who based it initially at Steamport, Southport and then at Preston Dock. On his death it was bequeathed to the Great Western Society and moved to the Railway Age at Crewe in March 2004 where restoration was started under the auspices of the Society's North West Group. The vehicle was moved to Didcot in October 2008.

The vehicle is in generally sound condition, though requires thorough cleaning, and painting in original livery.

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