113026Built: 195?ODA Pipe Wagon

113026 - 6th May 2012

ODA Pipe Wagon.

This vehicle was originally built as part of a large batch, constructed mainly at BR Wolverton, between 1949 and 1958, designated SOV and intended primarily for steel traffic.

Some of these wagons were adapted for Ministry of Defence (MoD) traffic in 1983, by being fitted with air brakes and revised (UIC double link) suspension arrangements, at BR Shildon. Subsequent reduction in MoD requirements saw many of these wagons scrapped or put into departmental use. 113026 was in use by the Signal and Telegraph department and carried their red and yellow SATLINK livery. Most recently it has been stored out of use at Stafford, being delivered to Didcot in late December 2011.

As an air-braked vehicle, it is approved for use on Network Rail and used to transport supplies between the west yard and the Railway Centre.

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