7808Built: 19384-6-0 “Cookham Manor”
7808 - 21st September 2011

As long ago as 1901 the traffic department of the Great Western asked for this type of locomotive. It was a very long time in coming, although the 'Halls' and 'Granges' filled the need except that they suffered route restrictions due to their heavier weight.

The first twenty 'Manors', built before world war two, incorporated the wheels and motion of withdrawn 43XX class engines. The last ten were built by BR in 1950. The 'Manors' were originally allocated to various English depots, but in 1943 several were transferred to the North Wales area, being the first modern passenger engines seen there.

Detail design modifications over the years have greatly improved the performance of the class. Their light weight makes them ideal for use in preservation: no fewer than eight have survived.

7808 is the only 'Manor' obtained directly on withdrawal by BR. Bought by a Society member in 1965, it ran from Gloucester depot in steam to Ashchurch, where it was based with 6697, until they both came to Didcot in 1970. A very sprightly member of its class and held in high regard by crews, before withdrawal it had, very unusually for its class, been fitted with a larger 4,000 gallon tender. 'Cookham Manor' has seen considerable main line use on special trains organised by the Society, but currently has 'static' preservation status.

7808 - 17th September 1966 7808 - 21st September 2011 7808 -

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Wheel Arrangement 4 - 6 - 0
Cylinders (2) 18 x 30 inches
Driving wheel diameter 5 feet 8 inches
Tractive Effort 27,340 pounds
Weight 108 tons 18cwt.
Coal Capacity 6 Tons
Water Capacity 3,500 gallons
Route Availability Blue
Power Class D
Boiler type Standard No. 14
Boiler pressure 225 lbs/sq in
Barrel maximum dia. 5 feet 3 inches
Barrel length 12 feet 6 inches
Area of firegrate 22.1 sq ft
Heating surfaces, firebox 140 sq ft
Heating surfaces, tubes 1285.5 sq ft
Superheater Area 160 sq ft
CURRENT STATUS: Static Display


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