7202Built: 19342-8-2T
7202 outside the lifting shop - 18th November 2016

In the years of the depression, coal traffic in South Wales decreased, and the need for short-journey heavy tank locomotives of the 42xx class diminished. At the same time old goods engines of the 2600 'Aberdare' class were becoming worn out. Collett therefore adapted some of the 42xx engines, which were very strong, to give longer range. This was done by extending the length of the frames at the rear by over 4ft, by enlarging the coal bunker and adding a pair of trailing wheels. Altogether 54 engines were thus dealt with.

7202, the third engine so altered, was adapted from 42xx No. 5277, built in 1926. 7202 entered service in September 1934. It was sent to Ebbw Junction in South Wales, ending its working life at Barry BR depot, from where it was shunted into Woodham Bros. yard for cutting up.

The locomotive was purchased by the Great Western Society on 1st January 1973 from Woodhams of Barry and brought to Didcot in April 1974, where it is gradually being returned to working order.

7202 at Barry 7202 - June 1974 7202 in the Loco Works - 6th May 2002 Front view of 7202 - 28th March 2005

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Wheel Arrangement 2 - 8 - 2T
Cylinders (2) 19 x 30 inches
Driving wheel diameter 4 feet 7.5 inches
Tractive Effort 33,170 pounds
Weight 92 tons 12cwt.
Coal Capacity 6 Tons
Water Capacity 2,500 gallons
Route Availability Red
Power Class E
Boiler type Standard No. 4
Boiler pressure 200 lbs/sq in
Barrel maximum dia. 5 feet 6 inches
Barrel length 11 feet
Area of firegrate 20.56 sq ft
Heating surfaces, firebox 128.72 sq ft
Heating surfaces, tubes 1349.64 sq ft
Superheater Area 191.79 sq ft
CURRENT STATUS: Under Restoration

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