5227Built: 19242-8-0T

2-8-0T No 5227 arrived at the railway centre in August 2013, after being used as a source of parts for the project to build the 47xx 2-8-0 No 4709. The locomotive is at present to be displayed in its current condition as a lasting reminder of what things were like in Barry scrapyard and the challenges faced by the preservation movement.


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Wheel Arrangement 2 - 8 - 0T
Cylinders (2) 19 inches x 30 inches
Driving wheel diameter 4 feet 7.5 inches
Tractive Effort 33,170 lbs
Weight 82 tons 2 cwt.
Coal Capacity 4 tons 0 cwt.
Water Capacity 1,800 gals
Route Availability Red
Power Class E
Boiler type Standard No. 4
Boiler pressure 200psi
Barrel maximum dia. 5 feet 6 inches
Barrel length 11 feet
Area of firegrate 20.56 sq ft
Heating surfaces, firebox 128.72 sq ft
Heating surfaces, tubes 1349.64 sq ft
Superheater Area 191.79 sq ft
CURRENT STATUS: Static Display ('Barry condition')
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