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4709 -

Churchward's last great masterpiece, the 47XX mixed traffic 2-8-0, is among the most iconic locomotives ever produced for the Great Western Railway. Only nine of these huge locomotives were built, primarily for fast overnight freight work, earning them the nickname 'Night Owls'.

Ironically the heyday for the class only came in the post-nationalisation years when the potential of these locomotives for use on heavy Summer Saturday passenger trains was recognised. In regognition of this they were turned out in fully lined BR passenger green livery.

None of the class survived, but over the years many people have expressed a desire to see a 47XX 2-8-0 in action again. Now the Great Western Society is creating a new member of the class, No 4709.

Download the 4709 appeal leaflet (426kb .pdf document)

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Wheel Arrangement 2 - 8 - 0
Cylinders (2) 19 x 30 inches
Driving wheel diameter 5 feet 8 inches
Tractive Effort 30,460 pounds
Weight (Locomotive) 82 tons
Coal Capacity 6 Tons
Water Capacity 4,000 gallons
Route Availability Red
Power Class D
Boiler type Standard No. 7
Boiler pressure 225 lbs/sq in
Barrel maximum dia. 5 feet 6 inches
Barrel length 14 feet 10 inches
Area of firegrate 30.28 sq ft
Heating surfaces, firebox 169.75 sq ft
Heating surfaces, tubes 2062.35 sq ft
Superheater Area 323.9 sq ft
CURRENT STATUS: Under Construction

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