1340Built: 18970-4-0ST - “Trojan”
1340 - 10th August 2002

“Trojan” was built by the Avonside Engine Company of Bristol in 1897 (Works No. 1386) for Messrs Dunn & Shute of Newport Town Dock. She was purchased by the Alexandra Docks Railway in 1903, remaining unnumbered. This company owned around 100 miles of dock sidings in the Newport (South Wales) area and a 'main' passenger-carrying line of 10 miles or so.

On absorption of the Alexandra Docks Railway into the Great Western in 1923, “Trojan” received the number 1340. It moved freely around GWR territory, and although based mainly at Cardiff Cathays and Radyr depots, it also worked for a time in Oswestry and Greenford, London. Withdrawn from Cardiff by the GWR in July 1932, it was sold to the Netherseal colliery at Burton-on-Trent, who passed it on to Alders (Tamworth) ltd in 1947.

After several years of negotiations is was finally released to one of the Didcot regular workforce, arriving at the depot in April 1968. The locomotive has been under restoration for many years at Didcot. The main stumbling block has been the boiler, the original was in a very poor state and was scrapped at Didcot quite a few years ago. A substitute was purchased and sent to Chatham for modification. This job has never been completed, and the stripped down boiler was returned to Didcot and rebuilt on site by Pete Gransden and Ed Freeman.

The locomotive entered traffic, for the first time in preservation, in 2002. With the expiry of the boiler certificate the locomotive was withdrawn from traffic in October 2011 and is currently on static display until it is overhauled once more.

1340 - 12th December 2001 1340 - 12th December 2001 1340 - 9th September 2001 1340 - 14th August 2011

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Wheel Arrangement 0 - 4 - 0 ST
Cylinders (2) 14 x 20 inches
Driving wheel diameter 3 feet 0 inches
Tractive Effort 11,100 pounds
Weight 22 tons 17 cwt
Coal Capacity 10 cwt
Water Capacity 630 Gals
Route Availability All Routes
Power Class Unclassed
Boiler typeNon - GWR
Boiler pressure160 lbs/sq in
Barrel maximum dia. 3 feet 5.5 inches
Barrel length 8 feet 3.25 inches
Area of firegrate 8.25 sq ft
Heating surfaces, firebox 52 sq ft
Heating surfaces, tubes414 sq ft
Superheater AreaNone
CURRENT STATUS: Under Overhaul


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