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At Didcot you can see what is believed to be the largest collection of locomotives, from any one railway company, anywhere in the world.

Some may be in steam on our demonstration lines or shunting in the yard, whilst others may be on display in our Great Western Railway Engine Shed. You will also be able to see several locomotives being restored in our modern and well equipped Locomotive Works.

Steam Locomotives

No. Wheel Arrg't Name or Class Build Date Built at Original Railway Power Class / Route
1 0-4-0STBonnie Prince Charlie 1949RSHPoole Harbour-
5 0-4-0WTShannon / Jane1857George EnglandWantage Tramway -
1014 4-6-0County of Glamorgan20??DidcotGWS-
1338 0-4-0ST-1898Kitson & Co.Cardiff Dock Rly-
1340 0-4-0STTrojan1897Avonside Engine Co.Alexandra Dock Rly.-
1363 0-6-0ST1361 Class1910SwindonGWR-
1466 / 4866 0-4-2T48xx/14xx Class1936SwindonGWRNot Classified
2409 0-6-0King George 1942 Hunslet, Leeds Linby Colliery -
2999 4-6-0Lady of Legend??DidcotGWS 
3650 0-6-0PT57xx Class 1939 SwindonGWRC/Blue
3738 0-6-0PT57xx Class 1937 SwindonGWRC/Blue
3822 2-8-02884 Class 1940 SwindonGWRE/Blue
4079 4-6-0Pendennis Castle1924SwindonGWRD/Red
4144 2-6-2T41xx Class1946 Swindon GWRD/Blue
4709 2-8-0 47xx Class ?? Llangollen GWS D/Red
5051 4-6-0Drysllwyn Castle / Earl Bathurst1936SwindonGWRD/Red
5227 2-8-0T 5205 Class 1924Swindon GWR E/Red
5322 2-6-043xx Class1917SwindonMODD/Blue
5572 2-6-2T4575 Class1927SwindonGWRC/Yellow
5900 4-6-0Hinderton Hall1931SwindonGWRD/Red
6023 4-6-0King Edward II 1930 SwindonGWRSpecial / Double Red
6106 2-6-2T61xx Class1931SwindonGWRD/Blue
6697 0-6-2T56xx Class1928Armstrong Whitworth & Co.GWRD/Red
6998 4-6-0Burton Agnes Hall1949SwindonGWRD/Red
7202 2-8-2T72xx Class1934SwindonGWRE/Red
7808 4-6-0Cookham Manor1938SwindonGWRD/Blue
Fire Fly 2-2-2Fire Fly2005 Bristol / Didcot Replica 
Iron Duke 4-2-2 Iron Duke 1985 RESCO, Derbyshire Replica 

Railcars and Railmotors

No.DescriptionBuild DateBuilt atOriginal Railway
22 Diesel Railcar 1940 Swindon/SouthallGWR
93 Steam Railmotor 1908 Swindon GWR

Diesel and Gas Turbine Locomotives

No.Wheel ArrangementName Build DateBuilt atOriginal Railway
DL26 0-6-0 DM 'The Rat' 1957Hunslet?
08604 0-6-0 DEPhantom 1959 British Railways, DerbyBritish Railways
D9516 0-6-0 DH 'Teddy Bear' 1964 British Railways, Swindon British Railways
18000 A1A-A1A 'Kerosene Castle' 1949 Brown Boveri, Switzerland British Railways

Powered Cranes

No.TypeBuild DateBuilt atOriginal Railway
RS 1054 50 Ton Steam Breakdown Crane1930Cowans SheldonLMS
23059 5 Ton Steam Shunting Crane1954Thomas Smith and Sons (Rodley) Ltd, Leeds 
CD24 5 Ton Diesel Shunting Crane1949Thomas Smith and Sons (Rodley) Ltd, Leeds 

Other Powered Vehicles

No.TypeBuild DateBuilt at
Wickham Wickham Trolley 1956 Ware

Click on the locomotive number in the tables above for more information about the particular item.

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