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At Didcot you can see over forty coaches, representing the most comprehensive collection of coaches of any of the pre-nationalised companies. On running days you can ride aboard coaches from the 1940s, or even earlier, on our demonstration lines. Some vehicles are regularly used in our trains, others are more usually viewed as static items inside the carriage shed venturing outside only for use on special occasions, whilst still others are in an unrestored state awaiting the attentions of our Carriage and Wagon team. Note that some of the unrestored vehicles are stored in an area of the carriage shed which is not generally accessible to the public for safety reasons.

Historic Vehicles

No.DescriptionBuild DateLot No.Diag No.Length Date Preserved
92 Churchward Auto Trailer19121198U70’1970
111 Collett Full Brake19341512 K.4157’
190 Collett Auto Trailer19331480A.30 62’ 8”1970
231 Hawksworth Auto Trailer 19511736 A.3864’1964
250 Broad Gauge Body18??????
290 Dean 4-wheel Composite1902990U.426’ 10” 1972
316 Hawksworth Full Brake19501740K.4564’1995
333 Hawksworth Full Brake 1951 1752 K.46 64’ 1985
416 Dean 4-wheel Brake Third1891582T.4931’1968
484 Churchward “Monster” Covered Carriage Truck 19131223P.18??
536 Collett 8 compartment “Sunshine” Third 19401623C.7760’ 11” ?
565 Churchward “Python” Covered Carriage Truck 19141238P.19??
814 Travelling Post Office 19401503L.2350’1975
933 Dean Full Brake1898883K.1440’1968
975 Dean 4-wheel Third1902992S.928’1968
1111 Collett 8 compartment “Sunshine” Third1938 1593C.7760’ 11”1969
1159 Medical officers Coach (Converted 1945 Diagram M.33 Lot 1481). Originally Churchward Passenger Brake Van - Toplight 1925 1344 K.36  
1184 Collett Bow-Ended Full Brake 1930 1413 K.40 61’ 1968
1289 Collett “Excursion” Third19371575C.7460’1968
1357 Dean 8 Compartment Third Clerestory 1903 1038 C.22 46’ 6.75”1968
1941 Dean 8 Compartment Third Clerestory1901962C.1046’ 6.75”1964
2202 Hawksworth 4 Compartment Brake Third19501732D.13364’1969
2232 Hawksworth 4 Compartment Brake Third19501732D.13364’ 1986
2511 Dean Third “Family” Saloon 1894740G.20 31’ 0.75”1972
2796 Collett “Siphon G” Bogie Milk Van19371578O.33??
3299Churchward “Dreadnought” 9 Compartment Third19051098C.2470’1964
3755 Churchward “Main Line & City” Toplight19211275D.6248’1965
3756 Churchward “Main Line & City” Toplight19211275D.6248’1965
3963 Churchward Toplight Corridor Third 1919 1256 C.35   1981
4553 Collett 8 Compartment Bow-Ended Third 19251352C.5458’ 4.5”1974
5085 Collett 8 Compartment Bow-Ended Third 19281383C.5458’ 4.5”1974
5787 Collett Brake Third19331490D.11657’1967
5952 Collett 8 Compartment Third19351527C.6757’1966
6824 Dean Clerestory Tri-Composite1887370U.2931’ 0.75”?
7285 Collett “Sunshine” Composite19411639E.16259’ 10”1967
7313 Collett “Sunshine” Composite19401621E.15859’ 10”1969
7371 Collett “Sunshine” Brake Composite 19411640E.15960’ 11.75”1966
7372 Hawksworth Brake Composite19481690E.16464’1966
7976 Collett Brake Composite19231323E.11457’1976
9002 Collett Special Saloon19401626G.6260’ 11.75”1968
9083 Hawksworth First Class Sleeper19511702J.1864’1970
9112 Collett Super Saloon “Queen Mary”19321471G.6061’ 4,5”1967
9113 Collett Super Saloon “Prince of Wales”19321471G.6161’ 4.5”1967
9118 Collett Super Saloon “Princess Elizabeth”19321471G.6161’ 4.5”1966
9520 Dean Tri-Composite Kitchen/Diner19031011H.756’ 0.75”?
9635 Collett “Centenary” First Class Kitchen/Diner19351540H.4361’ 4.5”1995

Replica Broad Gauge Carriages

Description Build DateBuilt at:
BG1 6-Wheeled Third Class Open1984BR. Cathays
BG2 6-Wheeled Second Class Covered1984BR Cathays (rebuilt Didcot 2005/06)

Service Vehicles

(Not forming part of the collection of historic vehicles)

No. Description Build DateLot No. Current Use
10509 BR Mk.III Sleeper198190960Dormitory Coach
35453 BR Mk.1 BSK196230721Railtour Support Coach
80224 BR Mk.1 NNX196030573“The Black Python Bar”
5458 BR Mk.IIa196930791Science, Learning and Railways
5495 BR Mk.IIa1969 30791 Science, Learning and Railways


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