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Firebox - Didcot's Young Volunteers

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Young Volunteers at Didcot Railway Centre are interested in the running of steam railways, particularly those of the Great Western Railway. As young members of the Great Western Society, they help with the activities of the Centre and work with the restoration groups to gain a variety of experience and skills. This can lead to training to become members of the train operating staff.

Our Young Volunteers tell us that they: - are interested in steam engines - want to have fun together with others who are interested in railways - are looking to develop engineering and other skills - accept that responsibilities go with being young members - get satisfaction from their achievements and the teamwork involved.

How to Join

Young volunteers are between the ages of 11 years and 16 years and must be members of the Great Western Society.

Young volunteers under the school leaving age must complete an agreement form together with their parents and the Society to allow them to take part in voluntary work at Didcot Railway Centre.

Types of work:

There are activities for both young men and young women.

To find out more please contact Didcot Railway Centre: info@didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk.

See also: Didcot Railway Centre, Work Experience - Risk Assessment Form for students (3.5Mb .pdf file)


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