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Booking Forms

Schools Booking Form (On-line form)

Group Booking Form (45kb .pdf file)

Railway Experience Days Booking Form (210kb .pdf file)

Day at Didcot Booking Form (208kb .pdf file)

Great Western Society Forms

Membership Form (92kb .pdf file)

New Volunteer's Form (40kb .pdf file)

Appeal Forms and Leaflets

Steam Breakdown Crane RS1054/50

1014 - County of Glamorgan

1466 - The original GWS locomotive (688 kb .pdf file)

Didcot Small Locomotive Restoration Fund (482 kb .pdf file)

Didcot Development Fund (1 Mb .pdf file)

2999 - Lady of Legend

4079 - Pendennis Castle

4709 Project - Rebirth of a Night Owl (481 kb .pdf file)

Ocean Saloons

Have you Considered your Legacy?

Over the years the Great Western Society has received a number of legacies/bequests and has been asked to provide suitable wording from members who wish to make bequests. A Legacy Guide (845kb .pdf file) has been prepared to assist those who may wish to make such bequests.



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