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Educational Services

Didcot Railway Centre offers pupils an exciting opportunity to visit an historical site where they can learn, and gain hands-on experience, about many topics in the science, technology and social history aspects of the curriculum at stages 1, 2 and 3.


Locomotive Footplate

WWII Evacuation experience


Come dressed as an evacuee and visit our authentic air-raid shelter with wartime audio effects and artefacts. Be evacuated by steam train (steam days only).

Presentations available about life in wartime Britain covering food, clothes and rationing.


The coming of the railway to your town

Learn about the impact of the railway on your town. Includes a presentation covering the social and economic effects of the railway on the population and the response to the new technology (most local, and some other towns, covered).

Travel and Transport

Presentations offered on the development of transport from the horse and carriage, through canals and roads to the railway.

Covers the economic and commercial benefits which came with the railway era. Visit the footplate of a steam locomotive and sit in the carriages of the era.


A presentation illustrating the social and economic impact of the coming of the railways during the reign of Queen Victoria, highlighting the life and times of Victorian children. Includes a visit to see a Victorian locomotive and carriage.

More Information

For more information please download our School Pack (62kb .pdf file)






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