Built: 1984Replica Six-Wheeled, Second Class, Broad Gauge Covered Carriage


Broad Gauge Carriage Replica - 2nd April 2010

This replica carriage, originally built in 1984 for the Science Museum, was one of a pair constructed to run with their broad gauge locomotive 'Iron Duke' all being built to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the passing of the Act of Parliament forming the Great Western Railway Company in 1835.

'Iron Duke' is now on display at Didcot, and the remains of this coach were given to the Great Western Society, for us to operate, with our broad gauge locomotive 'Fire Fly'. The wooden body was beyond repair and has been scrapped - a new body has been built out of hardwood.

The rebuilt coach was duly relaunched in 2010 in time to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the passing of the Act of Parliament.

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