9118Built: 1932Collett 'Super Saloon' - “Princess Elizabeth”

Diagram G.61, Lot No. 1471

9118 - 30th April 2000

This coach is one of eight Super Saloons built by the GWR to run between Paddington and Plymouth in connection with the transatlantic liner services. As was fitting for coaches used for such prestigious trains all were named after members of the Royal Family. When Southampton became the major transatlantic port, boat trains to Plymouth declined. As a result the saloons had to be found alternative work befitting their status and were often seen on special trains from Paddington to Newbury Racecourse in connection with race days as well as being used by private parties.

Three of these coaches were preserved by the GWS in 1967 and subsequently moved to Didcot in 1976.

9118 was originally configured with two open-plan saloons with movable armchairs and an enclosed coupé. In 1937 the coupé and one lavatory were removed and a small kitchen fitted. As far as we are able to ascertain, the kitchen has not been modified since installation and, although perfectly serviceable, current Health & Safety regulations prevent its use. "Lizzy" is likely to be the next "Super" to undergo restoration after 9113.


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