9083Built: 1951Hawksworth First Class Sleeping Car

Diagram J.18, Lot No. 1702

9083 is owned by 11 volunteer members of the GWS, there are ten 1st class sleeping compartments, a small stewards kitchen and a toilet. Each pair of compartments have a connecting door and each compartment has a single bed and a wash basin. The coach still has all the original lighting and furniture (except one compartment where the mattress is missing). All the owners pay into a fund and slowly the coach is being restored. Considerable work had been undertaken involving replacement of the gutters, rebuilding the corridor floor, making all the exterior doors fit, replacing the drop lights and some repairs and replacement to panelling. This has been followed with a complete repaint with the coach appearing for the first time in its life in Great Western chocolate and cream.

9083 - 9083 - 25-Jan-2009


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