9002Built: 1940Collett Special Saloon

Diagram G.62, Lot No. 1626

9002 - 1st August 2000

Little is known about the early history of this vehicle; it is described as a V.I.P. Saloon and is rumoured to have been used by General Eisenhower during the preparations for the D-Day Landings, although we have yet to find any documentary evidence to confirm this. There are some unexplained modifications to the body framing, and he steel panelling is electrically earthed to the underframe by welded tags at each end. The roof also has a rather substantial radio aerial which looks a little excessive for the reception of the BBC. After the war, it was used in the GWR Royal Train, but published information does not give clear details. Any positive confirmation of this phase of the vehicle's history will be gratefully received.

In the early 1950s it entered Swindon Works for a large-scale internal refit. It emerged with the walls in both saloons repanelled in Tiger's-Eye English walnut, and the dining saloon table and suspended light fittings in burr walnut veneer; in addition the seating was reupholstered in a rather tasteful pink check with a pale green carpet and matching pink curtains. The original steam heating was removed some years ago, and this has been replaced with tubular electric heaters concealed by the original grilles. Both saloons have been rewired to comply with current safety practises, and the walls stripped and re-varnished. The light fittings presented some problems in that the wafer-thin veneer had lifted in places, and needed to be stabilised before refinishing with many coats of varnish.

Now fully restored, this vehicle is available for hire for prestigious functions, and funds raised by this means will go towards the restoration of the other Special Saloons.

9002 - 23rd July 2000 - View of Saloon Interior9002 - 05-May-2007 - View of Lounge Interior


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