7372Built: 1948Hawksworth Brake Composite

Diagram E.164, Lot No. 1690

7372  - 4th March 2001

One of the last vehicles built by the Great Western, and suspected of having been earmarked on the factory floor for a high profile career. Along with No. 7377, this vehicle formed part of the Western Region Royal train from 1948 onwards and is a rare example of a Swindon Hawksworth interior. The First Class is finished in Flame maple veneer with aluminium fittings, while the Third Class is finished in Quartered Oak veneer with more traditional brass fittings, presenting an interesting contrast to the "Holoplast" interior of No. 2202. The upholstery in both classes is the original, but is now life-expired and in poor condition; the Firsts will be re-upholstered using new cloth to the original pattern. This vehicle returned to traffic on the Thomas the tank engine weekend of the 2nd, 3rd & 4th March 2001.

7372 - 23rd July 2000


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