536Built: 1940Collett Third

Diagram C.77, Lot No. 1623

536 - 23rd Novemeber 2016

536 was preserved by the Great Western Society in 1969, and was part of the Vintage train until the costs of registering such a set of coaches for main line running became prohibitive in 1980. As it owns identical coach 1111, the Society released 536 to the South Devon Railway in 2002 on a long-term loan until 2017, for regular use in their Great Western Train. The vehicle has now returned to Didcot.

As part of the deal, the SDR restored 536 in 2003, prior to entry into traffic. This included complete reupholstering of all seating using authentic Great Western moquette.

536 is an utterly typical GWR coach, being identical to hundreds of similar steel-panelled side-corridor coaches built by the Great Western Railway over a period of many years - therein lies its importance and its charm.

536 - 14th April 2005 536 - 14th April 2005 536 - 14th April 2005

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