3755Built: 1921, Diagram D.62, Lot No. 1275Churchward Non-Corridor Brake Third


Restored during the 1980s with the assistance of the Manpower Services Commission, this vehicle has been restored to its as built condition. Currently carrying the post-WW1 Crimson Lake livery, although this is approaching the end of its life. A possible future livery would be the brown & cream "pseudo panelling" carried by many steel clad vehicles between 1923 and 1927. It sees some use throughout the year, primarily on "Thomas" weekends where its high capacity and door to each compartment (along with its slightly antiquated appearance) make it popular with visitors. It is kept under cover in the carriage shed normally, but does come out for the odd open day during the year.

3755 and 3756 at Newton Abbot Power Station

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