250Built: betweeen 1852 and 1892(section of) B&ER Broad Gauge coach


250 -10th April 2005

Little is known of this intriguing vehicle, other than the number. It appears to have been a Brake Third (or possibly a Third with central luggage compartment), and may have been originally built by the Bristol & Exeter Railway at Bridgwater. The remnants we have were discovered by the artist Sean Bolan in use as a forester's refuge near Moreton-in-Marsh, the end of the vehicle (on display in the Vintage Bay) has the original plain wooden seat, and bears graffiti that suggests Land Girls were amongst the guests of the foresters during the last war. The rest of the body sides are stowed against the northern wall of the bay. We have enough of the body to reconstruct a compartment, if we can ever find the space.

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