190Built: 1933Collett Auto Trailer

Diagram A.30, Lot No. 1480

190 - April 2017

Auto-trailer 190 was purchased in 1970 along with 92 and 212. Its restoration started as early as 1971 but completion was going to be a long haul. The final result not rolling out of the C & W workshops until 1996. It is typical of the auto-trailers built in the thirties for the mass of branch lines that the GWR owned. Originally being hauled by the '517' class 0-4-2T locomotives and later by 48xx/14xx 0-4-2T (the so called Auto-tanks), the 64xx 0-6-0PT locos and lastly BR added Auto gear to the 45xx and 4575 classes.

The interior (gutted prior to entering Departmental Service) has been completely re-created using recycled oak (from church pews), working mainly from photographic evidence. The upholstery is a replica of the GWR 1937 pattern.


190 - Apr 2017 190 - Nov 2015 190 - Sep 2015 190 - Sep 2015 190 - May-2005

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